A Cinematic Revolution: Celebrating Blaxplo '98

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Blaxplo '98: A Time to Remember

Looking back, Blaxplo '98 was a unique three day event during 1998 that brought together cinema, history, and culture. It allowed people to immerse themselves in the world of blaxploitation and gain a deeper understanding of the black freedom struggle. The film festival may be a distant memory now, but its impact continues to resonate, reminding us of the power of film and the importance of celebrating diverse voices.




A Sold-Out Spectacle

Thanks to the incredible lineup of movies and seminars, Blaxplo '98 sold out all the tickets. People couldn't resist the allure of iconic films that defined an era and the chance to delve into the black freedom struggle. The festival buzzed with excitement as movie buffs and history enthusiasts gathered to celebrate this unique cultural experience.