Teddy Goitom

Stocktown hiphop festival 1998
Photo:Jakob Axelman

Stocktown - from scratch


What is Stocktown?

Stocktown is a dynamic movement and network of D-I-Y creatives who tell the stories of inspiring creatives through the production of cutting-edge films, exhibits, clothing, events, and engaging online activities.

What does Stocktown mean?

Stocktown is a wordplay from the 90`s when many prominent Swedish artists used to rap in English and their lyrics often mentioned Stocktown instead of Stockholm.

How and when did you come up with the idea ?

It all started in the late 90s when I was growing up in Akalla, Stockholm. Being immersed in the hip-hop scene, organizing jams and battles, and connecting with inspiring DJs, rappers, and graffiti artists, I witnessed the power of urban culture first-hand. 

Simultaneously, my passion for computers and the internet was developing. I saw an opportunity to merge these two worlds and broadcast the creative community online. This led to the creation of Stocktown, an organization aimed at uplifting and showcasing talented individuals within the community, both online and offline. Through Stocktown, we sought to bring the vibrant and diverse culture to a wider audience, while also nurturing the creative talent within. We recognized the importance of telling authentic stories and providing a platform for emerging diverse artists to express themselves.

What’s the most amazing moment you’ve had while building your platform?

Meeting creators, building relationships, and traveling. It's an incredible feeling that nothing can beat.