The Arrow exhibition 1998



What made The Arrow so unique?

Carin Fischer Head of Kulturhuvudstadsåret

One of the first public exhibitions was the graffiti exhibition "The Arrow" which was organized in collab with Twisted Minds and Roots Org in conjuncture with the music festival Fanclub, held outside of Stockholm July 24 to 26 in 1998. Graffiti legends such as Blade, Futura, Quik and Seen showcased their art on canvas in one of the most celebrated (and controversial) exhibitions of graffiti art in Sweden´s history


Artist Part One from NY,  photocredit: Malcolm Jacobson

The artist Quik (Lin Felton) live painting on canvas outside Östra Stallet Stockholm Aug 1998

Photocredit:Malcolm Jacobson


Artist Futura 2000 standing in front of Canvas Stockattack

Photocredit Jakob Axelman

Futura 2000, standing in front of canvas titled STOCK ATTACK 98