Stocktown 98 International Hiphop Festival in Stockholm Sweden

A blast from the past 

Mosdef Yasin Bey performing at Stocktown 98

Mos Def with Talib Kweli on Stage at Stocktown 98


Looking back at Stocktown 1998, it's clear that this international event played a crucial role in shaping the hip hop scene in Sweden. It brought together talented artists, pushed boundaries, and created a platform for self-expression. The energy and passion of that event still resonate with hip hop enthusiasts today.

Jurassic 5 on stage expermenting

This event showcased all four elements of hip hop culture: B-Boying, DJing, MCing, and graffiti. It was a remarkable gathering of talent, featuring performances by Mos Def, Lord Finesse ,renowned DJs such as Cut Chemist & DJ Nu-Mark, Jurrassic Five, as well as DJ Babu from the Beat Junkies/Dilated Peoples. These turntablist performances were previously unheard of in Swedish music festivals, making Stocktown 1998 a truly unique experience.

Futura 2000 painting on jacket at Stocktown 98 Festival

Futura 2000

Blade with Fans

Photo credit : Malcolm Jacobson

In conclusion, the live graffiti artists from New York, including Futura 2000, Quik, Seen, and Blade, brought an unparalleled level of artistry and creativity to the festival. Their contributions to the world of graffiti art are immeasurable, and their influence continues to inspire and shape the future of the art form.


stocktown flyer

In conclusion, Stocktown 1998 was a milestone in the Swedish hip hop scene. It showcased the diversity and talent within the genre, while also contributing to the cultural landscape of Stockholm. The event's legacy continues to inspire and shape the hip hop community in Sweden, making it an unforgettable chapter in the history of Swedish music festivals.