Urban Stories of Hope for the Ordinary People of Detroit

Docs October 20 2014

When industry, free market economy and corporations fail us – resetting to a good, old strategy of relying on people and ideas to build the future is the only way to go. It hasn’t been exactly peachy creamy in Detroit for decades now, as its automobile industry continues to crumble and its population continues to plummet with each year. Even more so as of December 2013...Continue

Dance ’til You’re Dead

Dance October 14 2014

You’re in a club, loud music’s blasting, and you’re feeling the crowd as they move in various ways. Maybe moving comes naturally to you and dancing is joy and release, or perhaps you’re just trying hard to let go? Or maybe you’re one of those depraved stuck-up ones who tend to look at other people’s dancing styles judgingly and get...Continue


Event September 17 2014

Waking up in a slightly shaky and confused Sweden hasn’t been the best of times. I’ll admit that, and so will the better half of the Swedish voters who were just like me hoping for a rasist-free country. The recent Swedish Elections have left the Swedes frowning and cursing upon the aftermath of the result as the Nationalists (SD) keep advancing and gaining their right to...Continue

How keeping it real means so little these days

Music September 2 2014

While the world talks about whether Iggy Azalea is the current herald of rap – and speculates whether she writes her own lyrics, we can be rest assured that it’s come to this. Hip-hop as a genre has reached that phase in which everyone wants their piece of cake and fret at nothing to get some, and more often than not, its major themes have little to do with the reality of...Continue

Autumn blues remedy Yasmine Hamdan

Music August 25 2014

Late summer days are tricky days. You’ve either started working or studying, and you’ve got back into your usual routine. Or maybe you’re, like me, waiting for it all to start. There are remedies for this restlessness; one of them is to gather information and really get “into the zone” about someone or something. Let me introduce a worthy topic of obsession, namely...Continue

A North Welsh Waltz

Shortfilms August 14 2014

This short is a portrait of the North Welsh town of Towyn, painting all the subtleties that lie beneath the surface of this seaside community. Occupying the hazy ground between documentary and poetry, the film sits long in your thoughts after watching. Mixing tightly filmed slow-motion sequences with stark black and white imagery, directors Sam Blair and Edward Edwards have...Continue

How to Look with Love in Pakistan

Docs July 9 2014

This short-doc offers highly stylised footage in slo-mo capturing Pakistani people in their day-to-day life, all set in an urban setting of Lahore, Punjab region, accompanied by poetic and inspiring narration by the Muslim rights campaigners and activists Sarah Javaid and Hammad Sadiq. We are shown scenes from the streets, daredevil motorcycle gangs, police women, dancing...Continue