Becoming Sumo – Meet the Storm from the Middle East

Docs February 25 2015

One does not simply become a sumo wrestler over a night, the realm of sumo is far from a matter of strength. Learning the basics of Sumo wrestling takes a lifetime’s commitment, not to mention a trained discipline. Let alone: nailing the technique, the constant weight management, sticking to a tailored wrestler’s diet, learning about Japanese culture and behaving with...Continue

The Chilean Kings of the Keyboard: Midiset

Music February 24 2015

‘Reyes’ is a promotional single from the self-titled EP by a Chilean electronic band “Midiset“. The music video depicts and celebrates the ancient town of Santiago City in Chile, including neighborhoods of the municipality of Santiago Centro and some neighborhoods in the periphery. This video is an ode to the streets, the architecture, the people working in it...Continue

Grab Your Dancing Shoes, and your Mother, Too

Dance February 19 2015

While the phrase ‘it’s never too late’ has a different weight to an 18-year-old, as opposed to an 80-year-old – let’s agree on one thing – that things can hopefully always occur later than sooner, so in that sense, it never is too late. Patrick Hanna started dancing at the end of high school, inspired by a tortilla chip. Did you know that there are countless...Continue

Stocktown x NONSTOP Entertainment: Win tickets to Dear White People

Contest February 16 2015

Compete for tickets to view the award-winning film ‘Dear White People’, Stocktown & NON STOP Entertainment (Sweden) are now calling to all our Sweden-based readers to win a free ticket to the screening of ‘Dear White People’ (Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Gävle, Lund, Västerås, Helsingborg, Karlstad​). Dear White People – A satire about being...Continue

El Foukr R’Assembly transmedia ensemble bridging Africa

Music February 10 2015

A taxi-driver & a farmer, a graphic designer and a sound engineer, Oualid Khelifi as the producer and filmmaker, had met them all last year in various parts of his home country Algeria before suggesting a long term project around short film and music linking the Maghreb with the rest of Africa. The story of this alternative debut was documented in an 18 minutes film. A...Continue


Music February 6 2015

Akiine – a Swedish artist based in London, offers us a special performance of her single “Sunglassey” in this feature of Sofar London. Apart from her magical melodies and smooth voice, there is something extra about Akiine. I can’t tell if it’s the lyrics, the laugh, the yells, the smiles or the dancing she emits on stage that make me instantly fall in love with...Continue

Maii and Zeid: Underground expressions of Alexandria

Music January 4 2015

Maii Waleed from Alexandria, Egypt  has paired with Lebanese indie musician Zeid Hamdan – the duo released the album Moga in 2013 (produced by Zeid). Maii’s music is a curious concoction of emotional lyrics sung in Arabic, and carefully yet playfully chosen melodies, rhythms, and pauses. The musical match between Maii and Zeid on Moga appear seamless. Zeid’s...Continue