Russian Street Art Vigilantes Volodimer & Kirill Kto on the Run

Art March 31 2015

When the mysterious Moscow-based street artist Volodimer (aka Nuke) brought his work to our attention with his trailer “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” (2012) we were thrilled and excited about a short that documents the endeavours of underground Russian street artists – Volodimer (himself) and Kirill Kto. Brushing all recent negative media coverage...Continue

Micahtron: Bringing Sexy Back to the Queer Rap

Music March 20 2015

Bay Area produces yet another brilliant hiphop artist. Micahtron is Tramicah Dempsey, born and raised in San Francisco, coming straight at us with her mad skills. Lyrics wise and attitude wise, Micahtron reminds of Lil Kim, so it is no surprise the two shared a stage, with Micahtron being the opening act. Soundwise she’s employing a bas rich electronic sound moving along the...Continue

Selam presents: Double bill concert Dobet Gnahoré & Fatoumata Diawara

Event March 18 2015

Video above: Fatoumata Diawara – Bissa (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Brace yourself Stockholm – as two of Africa’s leading ladies in the music scene Dobet Gnahoré & Fatoumata Diawara will be performing at Nalen (Sthlm) on Friday the 20th of March @7 p.m! Dobet Gnahoré (Ivory Coast) From jazz-like sounds to Congolese rumba, straight from the Ivory Coast – singer,...Continue

Home is where the Peace of Mind is

Art March 5 2015

“Home is a refuge from the storm” – a place where everything is going to be alright” Living in a cabin in the woods on your own must be the ultimate dream for anyone who’s ever found herself sick and tired of the rough-and-tumble of living in a city. Put aside the plethora of cultural activities, the job selection, a large dating pool and more choice to everything,...Continue

Becoming Sumo – Meet the Storm from the Middle East

Docs February 25 2015

One does not simply become a sumo wrestler over a night, the realm of sumo is far from a matter of strength. Learning the basics of Sumo wrestling takes a lifetime’s commitment, not to mention a trained discipline. Let alone: nailing the technique, the constant weight management, sticking to a tailored wrestler’s diet, learning about Japanese culture and behaving with...Continue

The Chilean Kings of the Keyboard: Midiset

Music February 24 2015

‘Reyes’ is a promotional single from the self-titled EP by a Chilean electronic band “Midiset“. The music video depicts and celebrates the ancient town of Santiago City in Chile, including neighborhoods of the municipality of Santiago Centro and some neighborhoods in the periphery. This video is an ode to the streets, the architecture, the people working in it...Continue

Grab Your Dancing Shoes, and your Mother, Too

Dance February 19 2015

While the phrase ‘it’s never too late’ has a different weight to an 18-year-old, as opposed to an 80-year-old – let’s agree on one thing – that things can hopefully always occur later than sooner, so in that sense, it never is too late. Patrick Hanna started dancing at the end of high school, inspired by a tortilla chip. Did you know that there are countless...Continue