Maii and Zeid: Underground expressions of Alexandria

Music January 4 2015

Maii Waleed from Alexandria, Egypt  has paired with Lebanese indie musician Zeid Hamdan – the duo released the album Moga in 2013 (produced by Zeid). Maii’s music is a curious concoction of emotional lyrics sung in Arabic, and carefully yet playfully chosen melodies, rhythms, and pauses. The musical match between Maii and Zeid on Moga appear seamless. Zeid’s...Continue

Stocktown presents: Top 10 videos of 2014

Best of 2014 December 30 2014

From Happy videos to ice-bucket challenges, from street harassment videos to getting US police officers equipped with a body camera, we can conclude, it’s been an eventful year for video. With over 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, television is by now most definitely on it’s death bed. 2014 could also be called the year of the bootie anthems, the year Kim...Continue


Dance December 21 2014

Meet Vikram, a 15-year-old aspiring b-boy in Mumbai who dreams of becoming a b-boy star. Follow him as he secretly joins an underground bboy-crew and sneaks out from his parents under the pretext of buying milk. Guardian News & Media Ltd recently made this mini-doc ‘The SlumGods of Mumbai: hope, hip-hop and the Dharavi way’ covering the emerging b-boying scene in...Continue

Putting female streetart imagery on the map: introducing Pekmezmed

Animation December 7 2014

Meet Pekmezmed, a versatile street artist from Croatia in this exclusive interview she gave for Stocktown. Street art in Croatia gains leverage in the past few years, thanks to the few, but bald and doughty street artists who do not flinch at hardships a young street artist faces in Croatia. Artists such as Pekmezmed, Oko, Lonac, Dunja Jankovic, Tifani Rubi, collective Pimp My...Continue

Self-made Balkan babe is at it again – Gnučči for president!

Music November 8 2014

Swedish rapper Ana Rab, Gnučči, formerly known as Gnučči Banana, has just released the video for her song ‘A.Rab‘, of the EP Psychohappy. The video and song is a deluxe treat for culture vultures who don’t mind a strong persona showing them how it’s done when it’s non-apologetic. So badass. So juicy. There’s no such thing as indiscretion with Gnučči...Continue

Let there be light: by Senay Berhe

Art November 5 2014

In the brightness of a breaking dawn, a deserted, mute and stripped down Stockholm reveals it’s true colours in it’s serene empty state – free of pedestrians and noise. Brace yourself as morning breaks in our hometown, coz nothing beats Stockholm on an early morning, this video is a must-see. In ‘Vår Nivå’ (ie. ‘Our Level’) by H.M.S.V (ft. Julia...Continue

Freedom of hate speech and how society lets shit slide: Kamohelo Khoaripe’s war on verbal abuse

Art October 24 2014

The danger of being anything considered outside the norm is probably humanity’s greatest failure and sadly present everywhere. The old news is that homophobia is hard to dodge and the level of violence and tolerance comes in different limits, in any country and language. The profanities are endless, and the many shades of derogatory terms can make any person’s dignity...Continue