Torre David: The fallen paradise

Docs April 17 2014

I’d like to think that each city in this world hosts a historic building with a peculiar past, serving as a symbol of the country’s untold heritage. The similarities of Ponte Tower and the vertical slum Torre David in Caracas, are many. As intriguing and fascinating as these modern day ruins may be (or in my liking: treasures) its important to share the underlying stories,...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Stockholm – Fritjof and Pikanen (Music)

Art April 16 2014

Juuso Pikanen (aka Pikanen) has made electronic music as long as he can remember and back in 2006 he produced the Swedish rapper Max Peezay’s critically acclaimed album ‘Discokommitén’. Fritjof Löfgren (aka Fritjof) has been playing in a bunch of different bands – but the F&P-collaboration initially kicked off by a remix that Pikanen made for one of...Continue


Music April 14 2014

‘Finding Yourself’ is an awesome short which leaves us spellbound and follows three legendary dancers – Damon Frost, Daniel E “Future” Kelley and Chris “Shake” Mathis as they share their mutual passion for dance. All shot on a sunny day in the very heart of NYC last year straight from Central Park by Sthlm-based Maceo Frost – this piece...Continue

Women Who Make Music: Introducing Pheeyownah

Music April 4 2014

Pheeyownah (pronounced Fiona) is Feyona Naluzzi, a young singer-songwriter and performer from Stockholm, Sweden. You might know her as a dancer in the dance activist group JUCK, but she’s also been writing songs since she was 9 years old. Pheeyownah’s grip over her creative concept is tight, but it has to be so. The DIY-attitude she nourishes is a means and a necessity for...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Nairobi – Dickson Kaloki (Art)

Art April 2 2014

Dickson Kaloki is a creative powerhouse, dabbling in fashion design, film, music, and sculpture. Raised in the Mukuru Kayaba slum in Nairobi, Dickson was forced into creativity from a very young age and reflects on making his own toys. “I fell in love with the slums from as far back as I can remember”. Painting the slums was an escape for him. It was artistic expression...Continue

Voicing untold stories – 5 min with Saba Aregai

Interview March 29 2014

Got a case of the mondays, huh? We’ve got your back on that and thought we’d help you get through the day with this 5 min chat we recently had with our video curator Saba Aregai who’s been a contributor with us at Stocktown since the very start, for almost 4 years now, submitting her selected video gems that make us proud. Saba Aregai is a video journalist, filmmaker,...Continue

INDIE CITIES – Stockholm – Candyland (Art)

Art March 26 2014

Candyland is a non-profit art-collective run by ten people and based in Södermalm, the south-east part of Stockholm. Founded in February 2004, Candyland has arranged more than a hundred exhibitions, gigs, performances, workshops, screenings and parties over the last ten years. The members of Candyland each take turns to invite different artists from around the world to...Continue