Free the Robots – A Decade of the Prototype

Music October 6 2015

I recently sat down with Chris Alfaro aka Free the Robots to talk about his process. Continually trying to understand the mind of an artist is something that every creative person should do. Not only to inspire, but also to remind all of us of the hard work and dedication it takes to accomplish our dreams. We all have thoughts of wanting to go out and just do something. Chris...Continue

Brazilian Indigenous Brô Mc’s Use Rap As A Tool To Break Issues

Music September 30 2015

I just have to share the awesomeness of something I’ve found with you. The first rap group formed by the Brazilian indigenous released the first high-definition video for ‘Koangagua’ a few weeks ago. The video shows native youngsters dressed in modern hip hop style, swinging to the sound of speakers connected to a cart pulled by a horse, right in the middle of the...Continue

How to Celebrate Multiculturalism: This is Alby ft. Urban Voices Festival

Music August 14 2015

Botkyrka, a municipality in suburban Stockholm that embraces multiculturalism, is hosting a festival to raise awareness for those who live in places that do not have freedom of expression. The festival This is Alby ft. Urban Voices will take place in Alby, Botkyrka, Sweden, on 22nd August 2015. By inviting artists that have fought for people’s freedom of speech and...Continue

The First African 360° Music Video

Music June 23 2015

The future is already here. Our friends from the Stocktown Films crew, who are also the makers of Afripedia project as well as the directors of this video, Senay Berhe, Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft, continue to impress global audiences with their trailblazing videos. This time they’ve teamed up with record label Selam Sounds to produce the music video for the Ethiopian...Continue

As Bald As Krump

Dance June 17 2015

We all know how bald krumping is; it’s the most uncompromising contemporary dance around these days. It is so bald and compromise-free it makes a spoiled three-year-old seem meek. And that’s saying something because some three-year-olds seem like a contraceptive commercial for how stubborn and uncompromising they are. Pardon my digression. Krumping sure is fierce and...Continue

The Evolution of Trouble

Art May 18 2015

I was recently exposed to Trouble Andrew‘s music through a friend that directed for a song called, “That Boy.” He asked me to edit the video. Through the process of editing the video, I began to explore Trouble and his career. I really dig his music. You can tell what he feels. Whatever he feels that day or moment is what he wants to produce. That product can...Continue

Balkan Grandma Brankica A Daredevil On Wheels

Art May 7 2015

The force of nature upon us is overwhelming. And little gives mankind more joy than taming nature’s ways and showcasing some common know-how against it. This explains the thrill of the daredevil act in a nutshell. Though daredevils are remnants of the past, and a rare gimmick today, the exotic lives on right around the corner, just outside the EU border, in Serbia....Continue