Killing Time for Botkyrka’s Blood-brothers: MAR of Stockholmssyndromet drops Gangsta Video

Music October 10 2016

Everyone should be psyched about one-half of Stockholmssyndromet’s MC MAR’s comeback. At least all suedis. In his latest two act video (above) for ‘2 Bröder/ Para i min plånbok’ (2 Brothers /Cash in My Wallet) – MAR dishes on brotherhood gone bad, para (cash) issues and more.  To anyone based in Stockholm – and who’s into hip hop a la...Continue

A Long Awaited Jab From Your Favourite Underdog: Namibia Will Knock You Out

Docs October 7 2016

Ever heard of Namibia Flores Rodriguez aka La Boxeadora? No? The name would ring a bell if it wasn’t for the Cuban Boxing Federation’s ridiculous ban on women competing in professional boxing. Namibia is a boxer at heart, who breaths and eats boxing day in, day out. It’s her passion, her religion. But, despite being a sensational boxer – the federation still...Continue

Free the Nipple Already – Like a True Ndebele

Shortfilms October 1 2016

It takes a hardcore non-compromised-non-fashionista such South African actress and TV presenter Tsholofelo Maseko to break all laws of conformity, courage is what it takes to go against the masses and feel comfortable in your skin, in this case….literally. In a world totally consumed by fashion trends and wearable items urging us to cover all our body parts up, Maseko does...Continue

House Anthems for Needy Ears and New Times

Dance April 27 2016

Just as we couldn’t stop jiggling to Batuk’s thumping dance-evoking house treat “Call Me Naughty”, Batuk releases a third official single off their upcoming album, Musica da Terra (pre-order here), along with a new fan-made video. The song is called Gira, which is Portuguese for ‘turn around’, and according to Batuk’s Facebook,...Continue

The future of Brazilian hip hop is in good hands: 12-year-old MC Soffia puts political issues in the spotlight

Music April 4 2016

“Little black girl, exotic doesn’t mean pretty”. The warning comes from a 12-year-old MC Soffia, who has just released her first video clip, “Menina Pretinha” (Portuguese for ‘Little Black Girl’), as she marks her spot in the Brazilian hip hop scene. By rapping about racism and feminism, which are mind-boggling issues even to most grown-ups, she...Continue

Dance, Sisterhood, Love: Martha & Niki Have It All

Dance January 19 2016

Searching for a path in life while battling against male dancers; sisterhood and a shared burning passion for dance that burns burns burns — these are the themes that are raised in Swedish director Tora Mkandawire Mårtens’ heartfelt feature ‘Martha & Niki‘ which opens in Swedish theaters on January 22nd. Martha & Niki unfolds in Stockholm onto Paris...Continue

Dear Paris, Stay Strong – Celebrate Hip-hop!

Event January 16 2016

France remains in mourning after the horrible attacks that took place in the capital and beating heart of France, Paris, during the final months of 2015. The year marked a tragic chapter for a country that was filled with disasters and terrorist attacks leaving the population in total despair. Civil, innocent people were made targets. We witnessed shootings, plane crashes,...Continue