Zaki Ibrahim Does “The Do”


Eclectic South African/Canadian songstress – Zaki Ibrahim teamed up with Christian Denslow to create this video for her single ‘The Do’. It follows the story of a woman who has her idyllic existence shattered to pieces, when one day her deferred ambition returns to haunt her. Nothing will appease the rage of her unrequited calling which now erupts with no regard for her once orderly reality.


Zaki Ibrahim -“The Do”
Producer: Christian Denslow //Vimeo//Facebook//@c_denslow
Rafeeqah Galant//Facebook//@RafeeqahG
Writer: Christian Denslow & Zaki Ibrahim//Facebook//@zakiibrahim
Director: Christian Denslow
Assistant Director: Rafeeqah Galant & Matthew Griffiths
Director of Photography: Christian Denslow
Edit & Visual Effects: Christian Denslow
Make-up & Wardrobe Design: Alexis Strimenos
Wardrobe: Odysseus

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