“Your Tight Fists Never Threw Us a Bone”


Video above: MEN – Make Him Pay – For Dickies

 JD Samson, a storywriter, is a wordy craftswoman whose primary means of expression is through her music. She is the front woman of an art-performance-music project titled MEN, a member of the feminist band, Le Tigre, the founder of a lesbian dance group called Dykes Can Dance (DCD), and an author of numerous ‘playfully political’ songs. So, in other words – she has her hands in a number of projects, she has even collaborated with Christina Aguilera.

She is a mighty powerful lyricist, a dandy performer and a fretless queer spokesperson. She is visible, her looks are a daunting tease to many who can’t seem to move beyond the hegemonic understanding of gender expression, and as she has herself admitted, it is her presence that speaks directly to many who seek approval from the screen and the public.

Her blog entry on Huffington post (Oct, 2011) speaks about being an international queer superstar from another, even more sensitive angle. What could be more sensitive than politics, sex and gender? I believe you don’t need to guess away, it really isn’t that complicated.

This video for ‘Make Him Pay’ is a live performance of a great song, for some more impressive video material and some punk attitude, make sure to also check out the appropriately cheeky video for ‘Who Am I To Feel So Free’ below, directed by Técha Noble.

MEN – “Who Am I To Feel So Free”  (JD Samson & MEN) official video

By: Técha Noble & Co-directed with Paola Morabito

For more on MEN, go to: https://www.menmakemusic.com/

+ check the Facebook Fanpage: DJJDSAMSON


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