You Deserve a Mental Vacation


This 10-minute journey takes you to the beginning of the universe and back, the low budget visual is genuine proof that a tight set of visual characteristics works well –  if respected. Clips of planets, volcanic eruptions and mountains mix with footage from subways and road trips in a delimited colour setting – and simple juxtapositions generate intriguing and artistic images.

Smooth transitions carry you from the underground to outer space, and drown you in the sea – leaving you mystified about the pictures you’re absorbing. You travel through this dusty pink and mossy vision, accompanied by a floating beat and the entire experience becomes meditative and almost hypnotic. If you are longing for a get-away this might be the most accessible and intriguing mental spring break yet. Watch it full screen every day for a week and you might begin to think of  new stuff.

Kruzh’em – Free

Kruzh’em –Free, Music video directed by Sarah Allagui

Sarah Allagui is a Copenhagen-based artist,  for more visit


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