Yo me llamo Cumbia (My name is Cumbia)

In Colombia, home of cumbia, the genre stands as a musical symbol of the nation. Today, the Colombian Cumbia has undergone transformations and adaptations to the styles of multiple countries (e.g in Peru, Mexico) and the variations of the genre vary, for instance there’s cumbia villeratechnocumbiacumbia chicha, and more. Still, the origins of cumbia remains a subject of discussion by researchers in the field of folklore. What’s really needed is a cumbiapedia helping us trace the origins of the genre.

In Roberto de Zubiria and Sergio Zaraza’s 4-episode documentary series ‘Yo me llamo Cumbia (My name is Cumbia)‘ (2013) we are provided an inspiring insight to the ‘colombian anthem’. Accordingly, the aim of the series it to ‘compile and document Cumbia’s various manifestations, an initiative that hopes to assist in the dissemination and preservation of this music genre.’


All episodes document the diverse expressions of the ancient rhythm, pinpointing the where and how abouts of the Cumbia roots, featuring interviews and music with the most distinguished cumbia musicians within the genre, portraying profiles such as the Queen of Colombian Cumbia Totó La MomposinaLos Gaiteros, and many more. Dig into the trailers and stay tuned for all the episodes via: yomellamocumbia.com

+ Visit: facebook.com/cumbia.documental for more.

Yo me llamo Cumbia (My name is Cumbia /trailers) 2013 

Directed by: Roberto de Zubiria & Sergio Zaraza

Produced by: Maria Neila Santa maria

Studio: Panoramika La Post



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  1. Hello do you know what happended to the project? The website “yomellamocumbia” is not working anymore. I would very apprechiate further information. Thank Yu

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