Yawning with excitement

Check out the monkey-faced creatures’ bicycle race in some unknown typical neighbourhood entitled NOSTALGIA 77//hush by UK-based director Joseph Rodrigues Marsh.

How relaxing, you’ll instinctively find yourself stretching your arms and setting for a chill-out mode. To be honest, this one is more or less a yawner- but in a soothing kind of way. The slow-mo footage documenting these monkey-(poker)faced creatures is somewhat bizarre: an old film with colour grading shifts and a retro appeal sountracked by your typical cigar-smoky-lounge-track Nostalgia 77- Hush. In all its simplicity, the race towards nowhere becomes irrelevant- who cares where they’re off to? There’s zero action going on and you’re not really expecting anything spectacular to happen what so ever. In all its predictability- you’ll keep on  yawning an strecthing as they’ll endlessly keep racing towards some unknown destination.

The director’s work has included music videos for; The BeesBonobo, and Blood Red Shoes, as well as corporate work for CadburyM&S.

For more check out his work on Vimeo.

How times have changed to say the least, check out the old-school original version below from the 1960’s entitled One Got Fat narrated by Edward Everett Horton. Script and Direction: Dale Jennings. Photography: Max Hutto. Art Direction: Ralph Hulett.Having an entirely other meaning to it- its about bicycle safety rules, ironically having the opposite effect on the public and basically making them scared shitless.

Funny, I thought riding with a monkey mask (and looking like a nutcase) is a an obvious risk to take per se.

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