In Stockholm he’s been a recognized profile as a member of the arts collectives Eros Video and NaxXxos. All of a sudden he was gone. He had moved out to NYC to pursue his passion for film. The grief which was first simmering in Stockholm, is now exchanged with excitement as we see the cherries of his labour. His works vary from music videos to documentary short films, with the urban lifestyle as Watermark.

Lite Feet” is a touching, inspiring and intimate tale of a few kids doing what they love on the trains of New York.

Ruben, what is qualitative video art for you?

– “I don’t like much in video art. I respect it but I’m not that into it. I feel like film takes up so many senses and so much of our attention, that it can be boring to experience if it’s only a self expression and not made with some sort of ambition to entertain or stimulate the right side of the brain. A lot of it is really boring junk and it’s sort of like it’s ok because it’s arty. I like artists that make things that blows your mind how they imagined it and also had the skill to pull it off. I like movies like that as well. A lot of video art feels sloppy and lazy. Needless to say there is some stuff, especially animation that is amazing and blows my mind-.”

When you root for a project, what is most important for you? The story? The visuals?

“-I think the most important thing is that I can come up with an idea that just rolls through my mind like a projection. If I can picture that film in my head and feel entertained watching it- then perhaps I can capture it on film and entertain others with it. I used to put on little cabarets for my family as a kid, so I think I still have that desire to entertain the people around me-.”


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