It starts with interjections of profanity, but revolves around the much sweeter word “mother”. London based street artist WordToMother is videoed in action by film-maker Andrew Telling, a young talent who makes good use of subdued tones in his shots, enticing with ease by flickering glimpses of the artist’s work. Shot in Italy, while WTM exhibited at the Fame Festival 2010 there, the recurrence of the word mother as stylized self-promotion onto rural walls seems to clash with the all-Italian catholic references of the virgin in a very witty and subversive way.

WordToMother (represented by Stolenspace Gallery in London) alongside artists such as Miss Van and Dan Witz, is all about reusing cast-off materials and painting them with personal visual codes, balancing the fine act of creating fresh artwork and maintaining some of the original roughness- be it wood or tin panels. A segment of his creative force is displayed in this well thought-thru short film.

Madre, the title of this multi-layered piece, is truly a 2 for 1 deal, showcasing double talent, artist and film-maker. Tremendously seductive beat by Buddy Peace & Lucasse.

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