Why dictators love beer

Angola’s president José Eduardo dos Santos likes being in power. He likes it so much that he’s kept his job since 1979. While the country’s oil resources is the main reason behind  its 12 % yearly growth Angola is ranked 44 out of 48 sub-Saharan African countries, scoring particularly badly in Human Rights. Not to mention that more than one in four children die before the age of 5.

But hey! The national beer Cuca is really cheap – costing no more than bottled water!

The government’s strategy of keeping the price of alcohol down to make people drink instead of thinking about politics is what Angolan artist Ikonoklasta attacks in this song.

The rapper of Conjunto Ngonguenha fame (a kind of Angolan-Pharcyde-meets-Saïan-Supa-Crew) is not really a favorite of the regime since he basically told them to fuck off during a performance this spring. Something that has never been done before in the home of kuduro. Ikonoklasta was arrested but didn’t hesitate to make this video afterwards.

“Heh Mwangolé! Não faz como nós não perde o teu tempo só a běbě!”

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