Who are you really afraid of?


Stockholm-based rapper Silvana Solo (aka Silvana Imam) – part of the forever-inspiring Femtastic crew- is currently in the buzz in the Swedish hip hop scene, stating her case and setting things straight with her poetic rhymes. ‘Svarta Madam’ (=The Black Madam) is the highly recommended track off her upcoming EP (produced by Change and released by Level 8 Studios) and refers to a daunting child’s play, which involves the evoking of ‘Black Madam’ (Swedish equivalent of the Bloody Mary).

The game sets out to lock yourself in a bathroom, stare into a mirror, and in anticipation of her appearance in the reflection, chant: “Black Madam! Black madam! Black madam, reveal yourself !” But, the real question asked by the rapper is – whether you’re afraid of facing your own reflection, and if the person you’re really afraid of is yourself?

We applaud the demonizing aesthetic in this video, directed by George Chamoun, which accordingly is his debut work as a music video director, and we predict a promising future for him.


Silvana Solo – Svarta Madam

Photography: Henrik Jensen

Directed by: George Chamoun

Styling: Hanna Kisch

Produced by: Change

Released by: Level 8 Studios// @level8studio


Keep your ears open for Silvana Solo’s upcoming debut album ‘Rekviem’, set to release in early 2013. For more on Silvana Solo, visit: silvanasolo.com. Also check out her work on: Soundcloud // Facebook// @SilvanaSolo

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