Walk in Piet Parra’s shoes

Dutch mastermind and multi-tasking Piet Parra has literally created a name for himself. His creations are globally renowned within the street culture and go by the label Parra. Ironically the name brings thought to the Swedish slang for money: hands-down his work looks, sounds and feels like money. Aside from being a co-owner of the street wear brand Rockwell Clothing, he’s an artist, designer, and music producer of the electro band LeLe- your typical jack of phpaide.com all trades. He’s also collaborated and designed shoes for brands such as Nike, Converse, Vans, etc – you name it. This prominent entrepreneur has truly built a aesthetically pleasing merchandise and basically serving food to one’s eyes.  Parras’spersonal retro-style aesthetic is visually appealing, his trademark is reminiscent of the 60’s-70’s poster pop-generation, having that vintage hippie nostalgic touch to it. The neon coloured quirky characters are humourlessly depicted as bird-like volumptious beings, signaling erotic undertones which refer to the artist’s hometown Amsterdam, mirroring the legendary Red Light District.

Follow Parra on an ordinary day and get a glimpse of his life, the interview portrays the work of the artist as well as documents his lifestyle and career.


Created by Patta for Converse 2009


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