Voodoo utopia


July and the heat is on (we’re getting there in slow-mo here in Sweden, fingers crossed) many are off on vacation, it’s the season to kick back, break free and for some go wild. Here’s a jam for those who are waiting to go wild- kick starting this summer season with this summer anthem, so what ever worries you’ve got, shake em’ off. Drop what ever it is you’re doing, and set your eyes on this explosive video for “I Want To Blow Your Mind” off the Future Rhythm Machine LP via the UK label Huntleys & Palmers and directed by Ling Lee.

Set in for a voodoo demeanor magically produced by Glasgow-based Auntie Flo, made up of DJ Brian D’Souza with vocals featuring South African Esa Williams. Taking us to a tribal-esque utopian setting, covering a feverish almost possessed dance frenzy. Love the repetitive YAHOO-yell.

Auntie Flo feat Esa– ‘I Want To Blow Your Mind’ (2012)


B Camera Operator: Shiraz Ksabia

Gaffer: Ben Barrett

Focus Puller: Will Hadley

Cinematographer: Emma Dalesman


For more, go to:

Auntie Flo//https://auntieflo.in///https://soundcloud.com/auntie-flo//@Auntie_Flo

Esa Williams – https://soundcloud.com/rememory_music

Directed by: Ling Lee// https://www.underkonstrukt.com//@lingity

Label: Huntleys & Palmers //https://huntleyspalmers.com //@huntleyspalmers


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