Voicing the Subconscious


Petite Noir is a project band created by Cape Town based singer and producer Yannick Iluga. His previous projects are quite disco-ish Popskarr and somewhat unknown Iamwaves. The video for the song Pressure is directed by video artist Ben Johnson, also currently located in Cape Town.

If we were to define Petite Noir genre-wise, we would have to line up a lot of genres and subgenres of today’s music to make a hybrid name for this one. But that is so very contemporary. Even pop is not as clear-cut as it used to be. Petite Noir is so fresh, that even the dark wave nuances could not ruin it. With Yannick Iluga, we are faced with a crafty young producer whose artistic expression reflects musicality beyond genre. Visually, we are almost on the same lane.

The emotional landscape of this video is definitely a rich one, and quite eerie to the point of almost uncanniness. The opaque symbolism is accomplished by a clever alignment of seemingly disturbing visuals. Images of wide-open spaces of a generic southern urban area are juxtaposed to images of a mysterious dark liquid, the ‘palm blood’, dripping from the palms, onto the rocks. Even if somewhat estranged, this haunting, yet beautiful video feels incredibly real, as if it reveals something inherently honest about contemporary understandings of humanity.


Petit Noir – Pressure

Video by: Ben Johnson

Assisted by: Bella Knemeyer

Featuring: Petite Noir // Facebook




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