First off – here goes my spanglish on this one, secondly, I’m a huge fan of the Berlin-based label Man Recordings, last year they released the flamante video for ‘Pa las Mamasitas’ (of the Pa´Chikirri” EP) by London-based Colombiana, MC and DJ, Isa GT(aka Isabel Gonzalez Toro).
As a side note (just to drop some pointers on this prominent MC) she’s the co-founder of the all-lady DJ crew Girlcore and recently toured with M.I.A. (as her tour dj).

Well por supuesto? Nuff said.  F’ck cojones, this one’s got ovarios, she’s ghetto and exuberates such valour, eso!

Question is – when will Isa GT perform and DJ in Estocolmo?


Isa GT- “Pa Las Mamasitas
Directed by: Isabel GT//Myspace//Soundcloud//Facebook//@IsaGT
Camera: Artelevisual
Make Up: Veronica Simson
Additional edit: Louis Hautemulle
Released on Man Recordings// Vimeo//@manrecordings


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