Unstoppable Dancehall Queen


Dancehall Queen (2011) is an episode of the Tokyo City Series by SpineTV and follows a dancehall enthusiast and aspiring dancer called Chammy as she enters the annual Dancehall Queen Contest in Japan.

Bizarre, funny, insightful and eye-opening are aspects we applaud in this one!


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Director: Leo Leigh and Leo Marks

Producer: Leo Leigh, Leo Marks and Zaid Mudhaffer// @Zaid_M

Production assistant: Jessie Ayles and Maia Fry // Camera operator: Leo Leigh // Editor: Leo Leigh

Music: Leo Leigh // Titles: Nicholas Combes // Subtitles: Mathieu Lerbourge // Transcription: Akari Naganuma // Translator: Tsuyoshi Usui // Proof reader: Jessie Ayles and Jess Ruiz


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