Authentic uncut raw footage – Dig deep into the unseen scene – or “unscene” as film-maker, painter, writer Pierre Bennu so drolly juxtaposes it – from the 90’s showcasing what went down in the NY underground as the decade tried to find its wide range of identities. Not only nostalgic for those who can say “I was there” and see the “home-movie” as displaying the origin of expressions yet to come, but also to us who recognize the two-fold gleam in the thumbnail. Bennu calls himself an affirmation activist, and there a critical element in his objective to highlight the creative tussle of vibrant subcultures. This is but a fraction of what will come in his longer documentary, so take a peek while it’s still unedited.

See his vimeo profile or follow him on Twitter if you so desire. <a href=”https://vimeo.com/pierrebennu”>https://vimeo.com/pierrebennu</a>
twitter @exittheapple

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