U(nfair) N(egligence)


This short documentary stands for the fight against injustice of human rights violations. Watching this documentary moved me, and if posting this video online is a small difference that I can make, then I hope the power of sharing information will take flight for a positive change.

This is the story of the damage caused and the lives lost due to the cholera epidemic and outbreak in the Caribbean island of Haiti. A country that has never seen war but is being destroyed by an outbreak of disease caused by the United Nations. This is the story told from one affected family. Multiple tears shed and the lives lost.

Do your part to create awareness, the numbers are real and so is the nightmare.


Visit https://www.undeny.org to sign the peition

And find more info on the project on Facebook



Film by: David Darg & Bryn Mooser

Executive Producers: Olivia Wilde & Elon Musk

Camera: David Darg

Sound: William Mcguigan & Eric Ryan

Ryot Film//Vimeo & Shadowplay Films// Vimeo


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