Nothing says underground quite like decomposing rodents, especially the way they’re portrayed by world renown Belgian street artist ROA– in this highly instructive and entertaining video (with a carnivorous edge) by film-maker Colin M Day.

ROA sympathizes with the animals that coexist with us humans in our cities, projecting these often invisible and ignored life forms unto building walls in huge formats, quite uniquely too, with a special brand of cartoon realism. This reel for his exhibit at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco back in April clearly shows how productive he is, and how urban art quickly is becoming gallery art. It’s a treat to hear the artist narrate about his latest work, about the difference between finding spots out on the streets and creating new ones inside the gallery space;

how the circle of life and the perishable nature of all things living never ceases to inspire. And even though life itself is transient, here plenty of time is given to appreciate the paintings hanging inside, as well as those gigantic murals in the real natural habitat: i.e. the skeletal scavengers on city walls.

Director/editing: Colin M Day; audio mixer: Jack Fusting (“Timestretch” and “Churn of the Century” by Bassnectar); camera assistant: Spencer Keeton Cunningham.

For further details also check out Colin M Day’s profile on Vimeo, ROA’s flickr here from spots like Gambia

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