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The Hydraulic Drink Making Typewriter is a typewriter device converting words into customized drinks. A machine, which attaches a specific drink to each letter creating a specific recipe. Almost like a jukebox I guess, but instead of selecting tunes, you select liqour. The inventor and this century’s alcohol alchemist  (with a some what secret identity) goes by the name Morskoiboy, who claims-”..-after a couple months of fine-tuning the communication vessels, I became the sole owner in the world of such a strange piece of work-.” And hell yeah, I’m thinking he must be right? Who could think of such a high tech drink-mixer of this calibre? Makes me think of the film The Perfume– of the dude with an obsessive purpose to create the ultimate perfume, maybe Morskoiboy will manage to create the ultimate all-time-knock-you-off-your-feet magic drink with this thing?

To find out more and get a “scientific” explanation of how it all works in detail, check out the website.

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