Twin Shadow goes old-school

I stumbled upon Jamie Harley’s work through a post by Smiso Zwane/The Malume of Dirty Paraffin. He posted a promo video for Tisa with a killer track Castles In The Snow by Twin Shadow. In the YouTube related video was a music video for this track by Jamie. Interestingly it seems Tisa was heavily inspired by this music video when they shot and edited their promo, parts of it is almost identical, scene by scene to Jamie’s video in everything from setting to camera angles. The Twin Shadow music video uses footage from a 1983 documentary called “Punks” about the Sao Paulo punk scene, directed by Sara Yaknni & Alberto Gieco.

Watch more of Jamie’s videos at or at his Vimeo page

You have a perfect opportunity to catch Twin Shadow at the Way Out West music festival in Gothenburg, Sweden, August 11th-13th.

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