From Nairobi, a short film by self-taught animator and film director Bob Muchiri and his production outfit Studio Ang.

The city of Nairobi, both built-environment and slum, the backdrop for a young boy wondering inquisitively through the city. He metaphorically transforms into a TV, broadcasting imagery and sounds reflective of the surroundings and times. The theme of man and machine is not a new one, but it is interesting to see the interpretation of this theme as applied to the African urban environment.

Kichiwateli“- is ¬†part of the NRBLN – BLNRB project, to bring to two cities together, Nairobi & Berlin and their creative talents. The film, scored by music from Kenyan band¬†Just a Band, produced by German collaborators¬†Modeselektor and involving Kenyan artistic collective Maasai Mbili .

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