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This live performance by Akua Naru for Soul Culture is not as new as they get, but is as important as a great piece of art can ever be. All the great things in life exist in a sphere outside of confinements of space and time anyway. Whenever we attempt to distinguish the important from the unimportant, we make sure that we think of values first. Value is exactly what Akua Naru’s live performance oozes as powerfully as a volcano erupting hot, thick lava. It’s beautiful and fascinating from afar, but dangerous and deadly from up close. That is, if you’re one of those who doesn’t dare to be on friendly terms with – Truth.

Akua Naru’s direct lyrical expression is showing itself as provocative and metaphysical, simultaneously in this sensual song: ‘Poetry: How Does It Feel’. We can ask ourselves what the currency of poetry is and let Akua Naru give us an elaborate and very clarifying answer. Find it yourself by switching your antennas the right way, or listen to the song as it evolves into a sulky,seductive veil of poetry and sensuality, smooth sexy rhythms and saxophone melodies that make wavy embraces round your spine. The currency of poetry is a feeling.

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Akua Naru – Poetry: How Does It Feel Now (Live Performance) | SoulCulture.co.uk

Produced by: Akua Naru & Olaiya Olatunji

Directed & edited by: Jan Kerp

Ft: Akua Naru with the DigFlo band

For: Soul Culture


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