Tokyo My Tokyo

I watch this video and feel like my next move should be to head straight for the airport and catch the next flight Narita-bound, that is how vibrant and accurate the show reel is by Samuel Cockedey. Perhaps that he sets the time lapse film footage to an audio clip from the legendary sci-fi hit Blade Runner, was the final straw to sucker me into recommended it for Stocktown.

It’s not street culture per say but it is Tokyo from one of its best angles, a bird’s eye view. There are cities around the globe who fit the term ‘urban sprawl’ well but few rival Tokyo in its pulsating, rhythmic vibrancy that still manages to move at a gentle purr. Comparing Tokyo to New York for example, another major and dynamic city, one could hardly say it purrs, it pulsates to clangs and bangs, nevertheless exciting just a different kinda beat is all.

The lights and speed are mesmerising, I see familiar sites Shiba Koen, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Odaiba but  watching the planes on final approach into Haneda – that has to be my favourite part of the reel…. it reminds me of how incredibly fine-tuned this city is and certainly one of the most dynamic that I have ever had the chance to visit and live in. But don’t take my word for it… go see it in the flesh and let me know.

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