To Vogue or Not To Vogue


This question is just a tease (because the answer is obvious) of course – to vogue. Why would one ever choose not to vogue? Vogue is never out. Vogue is never old. Vogue is a cult. You can treasure it’s cultural heritage, or you can look the other way. Maybe it pleases your aesthetic expectations, and maybe it doesn’t. But one thing you cannot deny – vogue is here, and vogue is quite (but not exclusively) queer. Don’t be fooled and think that vogue culture is simply some kind of a simulacra. No, it’s not, because vogue culture goes deep, and its purpose is to mend harmful social structures. Just because Madonna paid her homage to it, it did not do much to pull vogue into mainstream.

We may see glimpses and snippets of it on the surface of the public eye, but what happens beneath that surface, is the true content of Vogue. Vogue culture is essentially an answer of mistreated and underrepresented minorities and their internal way of coping. The emphasis on the visual and the glamour is a much needed empowering tool. One needs to understand the concept Alex Andwandter creates in. His aim to bring the invisible to the public eye is admirable. His musical expression is disco and electropop, itself an often ostracised genre, often criticised for its apparent lack of “seriousness”. According to his own words, the video for ‘Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo?’ is a tribute to Jennie Livingston’s 1990 documentary “Paris is Burning”. I choose vogue. How about you?


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Alex Anwandter – Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo?


Director of Photography: Francisco Anwandter

Art direction: Mara Solís de Ovando

Casting by: Victor Almendra

Costume: Gabriela Calvete

Assit.costume: Roberta Nicolini

Make up: Nicole Ossandón / Pablo Ruff

Lighting: David “Chili Wili” Zamora

Assit. production: Sergio Alvarado

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