Thug Life

Who taught you to hate yourself? Someone else, me, you, them – so many possible answers but what happens if you are stuck asking the question, assigning blame.

Emile Jansen‘s aka B-Boy War-lock/ Emile YX teaches the kids, b boys from The Flats in Cape Town [in what seems to be a tough neighbourhood] that it’s all about the true thug life; ¬†knowing yourself, having big heart, passion and drive to bust out and being a b boy is only a part of that!

These kids seem phenomenal, their urgency to get on the floor show their tricks, fine tune their moves and make it.. but then again, maybe I don’t know that much about hip hop and b boy life. But hey, one can always spot big heart a mile away, skillz or no skillz.

Jansen launched Heal the Hood in 1998, a community outreach program to help empower kids in the Cape Flats through hip hop and the arts. ‘

This video is just one example of the workshops they run.

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