There’s No Place Like Tokyo

What city on this planet purrs like the finely tuned machine that Tokyo is. Student and film maker Alex Lee has produced this pulsating piece of moving imagery that somehow manages to compress the essence of this mega-city, into a stimulating 2mins 49 timeline.

It drags and drops you between scenes beginning with the bird’s-eye view from Roppongi Hills and from there takes you through all those signature sights and moments. Through the Yamanote train line, gliding through the commuters, with a lost in translation moment at the famous Shibuya crossing, dabbling in a little salaryman flavour as one indiscreet commuter digs for gold, to the kid bouncing below the Asakusa Shrine.

Take in Tokyo in these perfect bit size frames, slip on through this hypnotic rhythm and despite the lingering uncertainties post-earthquake and nuclear disaster, this piece of visual candy is enticing enough to make me want to jump on the next plane Narita-bound.


Film by Alex Lee | Twitter

Music: Flying Lotus ft. Thom Yorke  – ‘And the world laughs with you’

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