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From ‘Camellia Capital of the World’ or more likely ‘City Of Trees’ comes the young Sacramento warrior and skilled emcee, at the art of stealth and assassination, whom literary chops up an ill flow over stealthy beats, I welcome you to the world of – Abstract Ninjaa.

I first got introduced to Abstract Ninjaa when Sacramento’s own Chuuwee released the visuals for the track “Smoke One For Doom” which to me already is a classic. The first feeling while listening to that song was amazement, my first thought was that this rap cat is one ridiculously talented emcee in the making, and then the crate digging for more Ninjaa sounds was a fact with ‘Misc. Adventures Of Ninjaa Guy‘ later on repeat. Even though Abstract Ninjaa (or Chuck which is his real name) didn’t start taking his music seriously until 2011, there’s already plenty of projects in his backpack and the creativity seems endless and his art is perfection.

To sum up this young and hungry Cali disciple – he represents that laid-back-west-coast flow,  with those great good ole’ hip-hop beats and a playful mind producing some good skits from cartoon shows like ‘Adventure Time‘. While I once had a talk with Chuck he wanted to be clear that he basically makes music because it’s fun and told me – “To be honest I have no idea what my music sounds like to myself, I just know that I don’t make music for fans or anyone else in the world, I just make it to have new music on my iPod that I can listen to 100 times in a row, I want to keep that state of mind because it’s been working for me lately“.

Today Abstract Ninjaa is part of the dope TUS crew, including members such as; Chuuwee, J.Good, Keno, Abstract Ninjaa, DCeased, Konkwest and Haz Solo. He has also started his own group TBC (aka The Breakfast Club aka The Bad Crowd). The video I choose to show you is of course the one that put me on to Abstract Ninjaa – “Smoke One For Doom” with Chuuwee, and also, shown below,  the newly dropped visual for “Illaris” produced by Knxwledge. (Video credit: Abstract Ninjaa “Illariss” (Prod. KnxwledgeFilmed/Edited : Travis Cuellar)

 Chuuwee – “Smoke One For Doom” FT. Abstract Ninjaa

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Directed by: CaliGraphi Multimedia

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