The past vs the future

The ad as in art direction in this video is mesmerizingly robust, vibrant and in full motion. There are so many things to applaud in this video; floors gaping and quaking, walls sliding/swooshing away, scenes flashing by in an absurd up-tempo, this is all very good and immensely enjoyable, but what’s truly worth pointing out is that it all is staged at Fontevraud Abbey in western France, an Unesco World Heritage Site. Today a cultural center graciously open for talents of the future.

Directed byFrancis Cutter& Vincent Nguyen. Amazingly supported by a whole crew of creative minds (choreography and dancing by Nick Mukoko; music & sound design by Nodey & Omar Tryana; VFX art & technical crew by Naïmé Perrette & Pierre-Yves Dougnac; and additional photography by Natalianne


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