The Arab spring and the fall of Mubarak’s dictatorship unleashed a wave of cultural opposition and civil uprising in Cairo, Egypt. Protest of any form was punished, but ultimately the forces of revolution brought subject to light. The voices of oppression had arisen, fed up with being hushed, prevented and censored. Finally the noise had erupted, welcoming a new expression allowing the citizens to gradually break free.

This is the teaser for ‘The Noise of Cairo (2012) a documentary about the artists behind the Egyptian revolution, showing their true commitment and fight for unchaining Cairo, here are their stories. It’s a beautiful film that inspires and triggers your inner hero, reminding us that courage is a powerful force.

Check out the complete version planned for release during the summer of 2012.


The Noise of Cairo‘ (2012)

Release date – Summer 2012 (Full Length: 56 min)

Director, writer & producer: Heiko Lange //Director of photography: Mark Falk// Editor & Producer: Alexander von Sturmfeder// Music: Sönke Duwer// Additional Camera: Hani Eskander// Produced By:Scenesfrom. In order of appearance: Shaimaa Shaalan, Sherwet Shafie, William Wells, Keizer, Karima Mansour, Ezzat Ismail, Khaled Hafez, Hany Rashed, Ali Abdel Mohsen, Ramy Essam, Sondos Shabayek, Khaled Al Khamissis

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