The futures of David

The works of Stockholm based video director, graphic designer and music producer David Giese lend a lot from boy room sci-fi fantasies. Given his track record, any project involving David is bound to set our curiosity spinning.

David is one of the instigators of the Scandinavian electronic funk scene called Skweee, and besides a terrific musical output he’s been a key player when it comes to documenting what’s about to blow up in the said music scene. Almost all of his production’s deal with the future, for instance; in 2009, he worked with background images and sets on the most ambitious animated European movie, Metropia. He’s also done miraculous animations for children’s theatre, plus directed a slew of music videos.

Stocktown is happy to present the trailer for David Giese and Iacopo Patiernos music documentary:

WE CALL IT SKWEEE: A full-length music documentary about the Scandinavian electronic funk style known as Skweee. Directed by Iacopo Patierno and David Giese. Camera: Iacopo Patierno. Sound mix: Andreas Franck.

To round things off, we also give you his video for Stockholm electro hero Daniel Savio’s “Monkey Pee, Monkey Poo” which comes across as a Run DMC video shot underwater…

MONKEY PEE MONKEY POO: A music video for Skweee Flogsta Danshall from the album “Dirty Bomb”. Directed by David Giese. DOP: Ellen Kugelberg FSF. Design concept: Daniel Bjugård and David Giese. Edit and post: David Giese. Make-up: Linnea Wadell. Dancers: Azad and Mrs. Qeada. Assistant Director: Karolina Brobäck. Floor decoration design: Frans Carlqvist. The whole video was shot on high-speed RED one HD, overexposed and then channel inverted.

Also check out the trailer for: METROPIA (2009) Swedish animated full-length feature. Directed by Tarik Saleh. Art director: Martin Hultman. Producer: Kristina Åberg. Produced by Atmo Stockholm.

More of David’s visual work can be seen here

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