The downfall of ‘No Homo’


No, homo‘ is a yawn-of-a-phrase expressed by several contemporary hot-shot rappers, suffering of homo-complex issues, paranoidly reassuring their straightness. At this point, I’m surprised Lil Wayne (who uses ‘no homo‘ as a catch-phrase) hasn’t dropped a track explicitly titled ‘No-homo’.

Having that said – the phrase has been exhausted (even in this write-up) and there’s no need for lyrical gay bashing, it’s dated, at least it f’ng should be. So, when Frank Ocean stated he was ‘no, hetero‘ some weeks ago, controversy took it’s toll, unleashing a queer-rap renaissance in the rap scene. A couple of weeks after, the NY-based rapper Le1f (aka Khalif Diouf) dropped his video for Wut (July 19th) of the mixtape Dark York (via Greedhead and Camp & Street) and I was ecstatic, I’m lovin’ the beat and the visuals! I damn right hope this will be the downfall of no homo.



Le1f – Wut

Produced by: 5kinAndBone5//Soundcloud// Facebook

Director/DP – Sam Jones // Vimeo

Producer – Josh Koenig
Production Designer – Emma Mead
Art Director – Mat Larkin
AD – Trace Henderson
Gaffer – Tom Moll-Rocek
Key Grip – Destin Douglas
Camera Operator – Kyle Parsons
AC – Gabe Elder
Art Assistant – Sukey Bernard
Wardrobe Assistant – Kara Hayward
PA – Ariana McLean


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