The cult of the Purity Ring


purity ring (aka chastity ring) is worn as a token of chastity and is a regressive practice advocating ‘no-sex until marriage’ to the orthodox-Christian kids in the states. So to spare the rest of the world from this backlashing embarrassment – toss thepurity ring and start listening to the band instead. In 2010, the Canadian duo Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (beats) created the electronic/witch-house band Purity Ring, and dropped their debut album ‘Shrines’ on July 24th 2012 (on UK label 4AD). Since then they’ve continued to blow me away, producing skewed-up beats oozing of thrilling post-dubstep music.

Lofticries’ is the third single off the album, and here’s the video for the piece, beautifully directed by LA-based filmmaker AG Rojas (Andres Gonzalez) a 25-year-old rising talent, recently awarded ‘Best New Director’ at this year’s UK MVAs. The shot-over-the-shoulder video, guides the viewer through scenes of bewilderment, where the characters are faced witnessing esoteric scenarios. It’s a bit of a puzzle grasping the plot, but then again, that’s the beauty of it. SalemoOoOO and Arca, are similar acts giving the witch-house scene it’s signature swag, and the sound has never been better – witch-house is the new hip hop.


Purity Ring- Lofticries

Director: AG Rojas

Executive Producers: Jasper Thomlinson + Michael Sagol

Producer: Onye Anyanwu

Cinematographer Michael Ragen

Production Designer Ashley Fenton

Stylist: Natasha Newman-Thomas

Benoit Mannequin, VFX Supervisor
Clement Renaudin + Katerina Arroyo
Artists Summer McCloskey,
Producer Ricky Gausis, Colorist


For more on Purity Ring, check em’ out on: Soundcloud // Facebook


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