The beauty of Bone-breaking

Street dancers Bones Themachine Hill a.k.a King Bones and DJ Aaron show us what bone-breaking is all about, stretching their elastic bodies like it’s a piece of cake- well La di da. There’s a whole lotta twisting and exposing the body to alot of pressure going on, that’s for sure. The video is shot in NY City’s Subways by YAK Films– who’ve by the way; constantly provided and produced a set of awe- inspiring videos capturing renowned dance phenomenons such a Turfin’. The signature style is rotating and stretching of ligaments in impossible shapes in order to create illusions. So, hands down this is cutting edge, topped off with some misfit-awkward-swagger, I’m brushing your shoulders off personally, and yes I salute you- you’ve proven you’re flexible.
The bone-breaking style has spread quickly across the map and reached cities such as e.g Brooklyn, and is now practiced by the devoted follower and acclaimed rising star Gernard Blair a.k.a Ptah. Check the video below for more of this style of freestyle dance by Ptah and his crew Special Ops.

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