Thailand Graffiti Trip by Noe Two


Thailand Graffiti Trip with Noé Two’ follows one of France’s most accomplished street artists Noé Two as he takes an artistic adventure into the world of Thailand, aided by POSCA. Noé Two’s signature style covers colourful neon-esque graffiti portraits, using psychedelic palettes to mirror the personalities of everyday people in the country. Each face carries a story, echoing the spirit of the visited cities and documents the artist’s colorful realm. This is the artist’s own video art diary, seen through the eye of the artist, as he explores the Thai culture depicting the faces he encounters throughout his adventure.


Thailand Graffiti Trip with Noé Two (2012)


Directed and edited by: Yann Rineau

Featuring: Noé Two

Sponsored by: POSCA

Production: Les Gens Bien

Music : Cézame Music Agency / Gum Collections”Skyjacker” (Alexandre Brovelli / Virginie Krupa)// “Roaming in Bristol” (Benjamin Bianchet /Gabriel Guerin)

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