Stocktown’s Staff Picks – Top 10 thrillest videos of 2013

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The video world never fails to bore us and 2013 was no exception. As this year draws to its end, we’re able to look back and re-applaud our finest videos showcased during this year. With such an abundance of choices, we finally managed to nail it down to our ‘Top 10 thrillest videos of 2013’ presenting the most original, heartfelt and inspiring videos from the past 12 months. From all corners of our radar, we give you –  the metal scene in Botswana, to a slamming tribute to Fela Kuti by Afrikan Boy, to fierce krumping – these are the 10 must-check-out videos from this past year. Flip through the list and dig into our selected tidbits.

Last but not least, we’d like to take this opportunity and salute our video curators, our backbone, our peers, our familia – although we haven’t even met some of our video curators and contributors in real life, we love them all. We all bow down to our supporters & crew – the love is mutual.

Here are our picks for the best of what 2013 offered.


– Team Stocktown


// Ravijojla Novakovic, Heather Ferrigan & Teddy Goitom


Best Art video: 

“Our favorite street artist Miss Van recently took to the hidden graffiti zone of Beco do Batman (“Batman Alley”) in Sao Paulo, to put her signature swag on the street art landmark of Brazil to work on a mural piece together with the Sao Paulo-based artist CiroSchu.” >>


Best Short-film (Curated by Sophie Ekwe-Bell)

“In the 1970s, Ponte was the place to live in Johannesburg, the New York City of Africa…It perfectly encapsulates the story of Apartheid. “ >>

Best Doc (Curated by Ravijojla Novakovic)

“Not many would typically associate metal with Botswana. That is a fallacy of a kind, since in the age of internet – ignorance is a choice.”  >>


Best Dance Video (Curated by Missla Libsekal)

Friend Within’s latest music video ‘The Renegade’ shot in Soweto is vibing Pantsula style, a classic homegrown dance originating in South Africa.“

Best Music Video (Curated by Saba Aregai)

“Nigerian born, London based artist Afrikan Boy‘s latest single offers a cultural fusion of Western and African culture. Paying homage to the father of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, the drive of the single and video offers a taste of the past and present of Nigerian culture.” >>


Best Style video (Curated by Ambreezy BA!)

“I’m so excited about this new artist coming out the San Francisco Bay Area by way of Los Angeles, and it’s not just cause I myself am from Oakland, BUT – because this wombman actually has mad talent.” >>


Best Tribute Video (Curated by Heather Ferrigan)

“The black-and-white video for ‘Be Somebody’ dropped on March 18th 2013, and pays an endearing homage to Octavia. Straight from the Big Apple, presenting a video celebrating the art of voguing in it’s own right, bound to put a smile on your face. ” >>


Best Bust-a-move Video (Curated by Ravijojla Novakovic)

“To those who krump for Christ, Krump seems to reinstall the positive values of faith by affirming them through dance. It makes use of the intimidating images of anger and rage in order to portray a struggle and suggest a promise of a relief. “ >>


Best Cool-Cats Video

“The video (which dropped on May 29th) is created by the talented Sthlm-based dance instructor Joanna ‘Skywalker’ Holewa Chrona and features the magical duo Hp diop Ibax and Khoudia Roodia rockingG’ Sparks‘s “Sodat Aza Na Kati” with such enthusiasm and passion it’s almost breathtaking.”  >>


Best Inspirational Video

“Danza Voluminosa (Voluminous Dance) is a Cuban dance academy, founded in 1996 by Havana-based dancer and choreographer Juan Miguel Mas. It’s troupe mainly consists of voluptuous and enchanting women, who share a passion, and a figure shape: voluminosa. ” >>