Pantsula Vbyz

Friend Within’s latest music video ‘The Renegade’ shot in Soweto is vibing Pantsula style, a classic homegrown dance originating in South Africa. Not sure if it’s totally the case, but according to Colors Magazine, back in the day ‘Pantsula became associated with a class of troublemakers: bored youths who defined themselves with aggressive ways of walking, talking, and dancing.’

Screen shot of ‘The Renegade’

Screen shot
Screen shots of ‘The Renegade’

Well the ONLY trouble making that’s going on in this video is, the dance crew Shakers & Movers throwing it down, and it’s all good!


The video is brought to you by We Are Familia


Friend Within – The Renegade

Directed by: Craig Moore

Exec Prod: Sophie Brooks

SA Prod: Liam Johnson // DoP: Chris Vermaak // Art Director: Louisa Nieuwenhuizen // Choreographer: Julie Robert // Hero Boy: Tshepang Mduldli