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Last year Stocktown’s favourites Joanna Holewa Chrona and Khoudia Roodia took our breath away and won the title for ‘Best Cool-Cats’ of 2013 for their impeccable work on ‘InDaHouse DKR episode 2 (Hp diop Ibax & Khoudia Roodia)’ and the love we’ve got for them goes beyond words. So it comes as no surprise to state that Joanna is once again back on our radar with her latest piece which hands down – is a dangerously uplifting video that wraps up an ideal packaging, sweeping us away into a world of dope rhythms and seemingly effortless dance moves.

Photo: Siaka Soppo Traoré
Photo: Siaka Soppo Traoré

In the latest venture titled ‘Jazzé in Dakar / InDaHouse episode 3’ (January, 2014) we’re presented to an outdoor ordeal, with slamming battles taking place of friendly ties. The Guele Tapee-set video follows Joanna herself, Hp, Fitzgerald and Wati (of the Dakar-based crew InDaHouse) in a vividly shot showdown of jazzé moves delivering elaborate foot-and-knee-work-heavy visuals adding that spicy Gabon flavour to their routine. Joanna told us:

– Jazzé is originally a dance form stemming from the traditional dance of BOLO from Gabon. It’s a style that I got hooked on instantly and it somehow always manages to create a lovely vibe between us when we dance together, its been a dream of my to share this particular style to rest of the world who might not be familiar with it.

This short oozes of good vibes, plenty of knee-shaking jiggyness plus footwork that’s off the hook, just enough swagger to make anyone jump at their feet and dance. If anything is certain, the result is a feel-good piece exhibiting pure talent. By this state we’re convinced Dakar is the upcoming capital of dance and the next destination that needs ticking off soon.


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Jazzé in Dakar / InDaHouse episode 3


Jazzé! Dancestyle from Gabon

Song: Iyanya – Sexy Mama

Cameraman: Siaka

Dancers: Hp, Fitzgerald, Wati, Joanna

Editing: Joanna Skywalker Holewa Chrona