In the Loop: 5 min with Moodment Films

There was an instant likeability with Moodment Films’ videos about ordinary, but inspiring people and their lives. Most of the times we hear about people who’ve done something exceptional or remarkable; heart-warming stories about their almost inhumane efforts to go out of their ways to help others and/or achieve something really huge. But to a Plain Jane and John Doe, who battle with the demanding toll of everyday struggles, whilst striving to do something decent out of their ‘ordinary lives’, even the simplest stories of success sound extraordinary and special. And what’s more inspiring than having the willpower and courage to face one’s dreams and hunt them down like a lioness would its prey.

I’ve talked to Anna and Johannes about their motivation and how they find the subjects for their short-films.

Moodment Films - Anna & Johannes Björklund
Moodment Films – Anna & Johannes Björklund

Who stands behind Moodment Films? Who’s Anna & Johannes Björklund and what got you into doing what you’re doing?

– We are siblings, we grew up in the northern part of Sweden, and now we live in Stockholm. Anna is a journalist, who has worked in TV and radio. Johannes is a visual effects artist with a background in making skateboard and snowboard movies. We’ve always been interested in listening to good stories from inspiring people and one day we’ve simply decided to make films and let these inspiring people tell their own stories. We wanted to make use of our different skills to make it happen – Anna with her journalistic experience and Johannes with his background in the visual field. Another encouraging fact that got us inspired to do this was the growing popularity of podcasts and DIY attitude, the possibility to make and publish your own work without any approval from anyone. Photo blogs that portray people in their everyday lives are also a huge inspiration.
‘Fredrik’ (2013)

You currently have two short films out, one about a man who leaves his job to travel around the world and surf, while the other is about a man who came out and now lives a life he’d never live if he hadn’t have the courage to come out. Both ‘Fredrik‘ and ‘Serge Zehnder‘ are short films about people who struggle to pursue their dreams. You’re actually after stories, good quality people stories. Is it hard to find people willing to share their story? How do you search for them?

– No, it isn’t hard at all. Everyone has a good story. You only need to be open and listen to people around you, and stories find their way to reach you. We get a lot of ideas through our friends and acquaintances. People are willing and gladly recommend other people stories to help us out. We’re also looking for people in social media and magazines etc.

Tell us a little about Moodment Film’s mission to make short films about people who are creative and inspiring, Is it something like writing mini-biographies, shedding light on inspiring moments of human strength? How well do you think you can catch someone’s essence in a short movie? Or is your mission to inspire rather, given the limited time frame of a short movie? If we had to pinpoint the genre of your short films, how would you call it?

– The movies we make are like small time-capsules of people’s lives; we strive to grasp one aspect of someone’s existence in each film. For example, in the movie with ‘Serge‘ we got very inspired with his almost spiritual awakening when he realized he had to go surfing, and we wanted to highlight that defining moment in his life that happened in just a second. In the case with ‘Fredrik‘, we got impressed with his personal transition that lasted for ten years, to become the person he felt he was meant to be. We want to present people who have gone through some sort of transition.

We are looking for people who can give a colorful story, as well as an interesting visual picture – with their charisma and their surroundings. We want to feel inspired by the person we are making it about and we hope that the movies are inspirational to those watching them. It´s also important for us that people open up and that our films are personal, for instance, we prefer to have some scenes from the person’s home. Also, we want to make movies about people who are enthusiastic about joining the project.

Your videos are beautifully shot, and we love the concept you’re working with. How do you brainstorm the work and who does what, among you two?

– During the brainstorming process we are talking about what story we want to share, what mood and atmosphere, music and locations we want to have in the film. Anna has the main responsibility for the structure of the storytelling and Johannes for the visual appearance including post production.

What’s next in line for you?

– Now we´re shooting a film about a new and upcoming electro hip-hop artist in Stockholm. In January Anna is going to Brazil, and Johannes is going to Costa Rica and New York. We are both planning to make new short films.

Great! Looking forward to the new ones!


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