As Bald As Krump

We all know how bald krumping is; it’s the most uncompromising contemporary dance around these days. It is so bald and compromise-free it makes a spoiled three-year-old seem meek. And that’s saying something because some three-year-olds seem like a contraceptive commercial for how stubborn and uncompromising they are. Pardon my digression. Krumping sure is fierce and angry. Angrier than a three-year-old remote controlling adults for ice-cream. For more about krump, check our previous entry on krumping:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 15.10.56
Screen shot from video short: RUN

It is no wonder then that the makers of this video showcase krump dancing as a statement about contemporary Africa. As the authors behind this video state themselves, Africa in 2015 is full of urgency, misery and hope. What video RUN wants to convey, is the feelings that people of Africa go through right now; hardships are plentiful, but so are the opportunities, rich heritage, art and creativity. With misery juxtaposed to strong desires for bright futures, this video is an activist message aimed at the youth of Africa and the world, which needs to see the reality of Africa, and not rely on prejudice that abounds. Krumping here is a compelling call to life, a shout out to all those who try hard to find a way for themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 15.10.36
Screen shot from video short: RUN

This innovative creative short video about krumping was shot in Dakar by filmmaker Christopher Tew, featuring Krump dancer Pierre Belleka alias Dexter. It was choreographed by Heddy Maalem for project Sunu Street in Senegal.  

Video credits:

Directed and produced by: Christopher Tew

Project by: SUNU Street 

Choreography by: Heddy Maalem

Dancer: Pierre Belleka alias Dexter