Zebra Katz – Shivers as Deep as the Spine

Brooklyn, NYC based Zebra Katz has been around long enough (since 2011 when he premiered with smash-hit Ima Read) to establish himself as a herald of the new hiphop, joining forces with related artists such as Mykki Blanco, Le1f, Azelia Banks, Cakes Da Killa and many others. Zebra Katz is the mind-child of multidisciplinary artist Ojay Morgan, whose direct lyrics and swiftly accompanied slower rapping make a daring musical expression. It takes one look at the image of Zebra Katz to realize it’s expression is highly conceptual, fashion-forward and hip to the bone, not leaving hop behind. Innovative and minimal aural arrangements are juxtaposed to S&M inspired videos, fashion frenzy statements and amazing artistic presence by Ojay Morgan, all packed to deliver us a relevant portion of nowness. Tune into Zebra Katz if you already haven’t, to witness the scene in the making.


Video Credits:

Directed by: Matthew Donaldson
Track Production: Mike Dextro

Presented by: Nowness
Editor: Alice Fischer
Director of Photography: Jason Berman
Focus Puller: Sally Lowe
Stylist: Aurelia Donaldson
Hair: Richard Scorer
Hair Assistant: Ben Talbott
Make up: James O’Riley
Make up Assistant: Charlotte McGoldrick
Producer: Alex Plaza
Production Assistant: Jet de Boer

Jacqueline Olonicheva
Leeny lvanisvili
Emily Agnes
Rea Saint-Helena

Thanks to Claudia Donaldson xx

Emily Sykes x Alex Shash & Premier Model Management

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