Self-made Balkan babe is at it again – Gnučči for president!

Swedish rapper Ana Rab, Gnučči, formerly known as Gnučči Banana, has just released the video for her song ‘A.Rab‘, of the EP Psychohappy. The video and song is a deluxe treat for culture vultures who don’t mind a strong persona showing them how it’s done when it’s non-apologetic. So badass. So juicy.

There’s no such thing as indiscretion with Gnučči – this rapper is reaching a point where she can do no wrong. She’s killing her rhymes, her flow reaches a peak of pace and might, her beat is fast and tight, her image and style speak of new ways of what it means to be a rapper. Groundbreaking by default, this queen of genre mashup rap is pushing all the right buttons for those starved for rap divas that’ll show us how. Let’s face it, Gnučči is by far the most non-apologetic, non-compromising rap power diva out there right now.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 19.07.48
A. Rab video: screenshot.

Gnučči knows how to package a perfect pop product, and we can be rest assured that she has her fingers dipping in all stages of production of the Gnučči art brand. She gathers strong creatives around her;  the video for ‘A.Rab‘ is directed by director Roxy Farhat and features Anaye, who are a Stockholm-based rap and producer duo made out of May Dar and Beastie. Gnučči has collaborated with Roxy Farhat before, and the team won international acclaim for Gnučči’s video ‘Work‘, having been nominated at Los Angeles Music Video Festival and Berlin Music Video Awards, winning the title in the ‘Best Editing’ category. Not bad, eh?

Screenshot: Gnucci - A. Rab
Screenshot: Gnucci – A. Rab

To continue with the name-dropping, the Psychohappy EP is produced by Cristian Dinamarca, who captures Gnučči’s sensibility pretty decently. The secret? Gnučči is the ultimate badass; Gnučči is what Gaga would have wanted to be, what Beyonce doesn’t dare to be, what Brooke Candy wishes she thought of, what even Miley Cyrus doesn’t have the guts for, what Missy Elliot probably watches with approval. We’re so in awe that we’re watching and taking notes. If Gnučči were a Pokemon, she’d be a Mew2 – humanoid feline creature with mind-controlling abilities, designed for fighting on the final frontiers with her fearless lyrics. Heavens know we need artists like her, as someone’s got to carry the torch, and we’re simply not all made out of pure awesomeness.

The cover of EP Psychohappy
The cover of EP Psychohappy

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Gnucci – A.Rab

Director/Editor: Roxy Farhat

Producers: Ana Rab, Roxy Farhat, Navid Zanjani

DoP: Iga Mikler // FAD: Maria Åkesson // Focus Puller: Arvid Jernqvist // Camera Assistant: Samuel Gonzales // Gaffer: Peter Övgård // Best Boy: Edgar Blanco //Production Assistant/Grip: Shane McGowan // Sound: Calle Budee // Sound Post Production: Tony Senghore // DIT/Still photographer: Elliot Foxprince // Grading: Nanna Dalunde // Dancers: AQceS Dancerz // Cheerleading Choreography: Rita Changa // Styling: Linn Marcusson // Style Assistants: Tony Karlsson, Alex Dabo // Make Up + Hair: Maggie Gelush // Make Up + Hair Assistants: Anastasia Julia Dunér, Louise Burman // Catering: Sofia Dahlén // Catering assistant: Sooz Romero