The Kuduro Hijack

Time for Kuduro. This right here is nothing but a musical hijacking action aimed for your ears. Giving you a Clockwork Orange-esque inspired video and amping kuduro tune by Gato Preto – a masked duo made up by rapper Gata Misteriosa (Mozambique/Portugal) and producer Lee Bass (Ghana/Germany). Currently one of our favourite acts in the kuduro scene wowing us by redefining modern kuduro with a quirky twist and creating music that draws influence from multiple dance music genres, mashing heavy Kuduro beats with Baile Funk and Brazilian/African flavors.

Photo: Domenik Broich

Check out Gato Preto’s flava in this slamming video to their EP ‘Pirão’ (released on UK-label Wobble Records) killing the bass. Pity we don’t speak any portuguese at the office, then we’d mos def be talk-rapping everything.


Gato Preto – Pirao

Music: Gata Misteriosa + Lee Bass for Gato Preto

Directed by: Lidia Weinstein

Camera: Domenik Broich, Robert Schwab, Raphael Masche

Cut: Lidia Weinstein // Post-Production: Enis Vardar // Set-Design + Props: Rolf Buck + Raffael // Fashion: Jana Januschewski // Make-Up: Lidia Weinstein // Shots Ghana by: Raphael Masche + Joseph Akwasi // Making-Of: Joseph Akwasi // Set Assistance: Carola Dancers: Patou aka Jetpac, Joie, Rayjay & Renick Jr