Free the Nipple Already – Like a True Ndebele

It takes a hardcore non-compromised-non-fashionista such South African actress and TV presenter Tsholofelo Maseko to break all laws of conformity, courage is what it takes to go against the masses and feel comfortable in your skin, in this case….literally. In a world totally consumed by fashion trends and wearable items urging us to cover all our body parts up, Maseko does the opposite, and counters the world bare-chested.

 Tsholofelo Maseko stars inNdumiso Sibanda's ’Ephasini Lamabhudango’ (‘My dream World’)
Tsholofelo Maseko stars inNdumiso Sibanda’s ’Ephasini Lamabhudango’ (‘My dream World’)

A skirt could never be too short nor could a cleavage be too revealing, at least not in our book. Basic knowledge for a liberal millennial. Come on? Condemning eyes and sleazy comments can’t break you. Frowns and Nah-ahs can’t break you. As it’s been said a thousand times before –  the female body is a battleground –  that can’t be stressed enough, just a little bit too much skin and too much flesh touching air, could tick any trigger-happy f**cker off. (YAWN!).

Tsholofelo Maseko, Photo by: Ndumiso Sibanda
Tsholofelo Maseko, Photo by: Ndumiso Sibanda

In ’Ephasini Lamabhudango’ (‘My dream World’) shot by Ndumiso Sibanda, Maseko goes about her business, walking the streets of Joburg showcasing her Ndebele roots in this semi-nude shoot. And we love it. She throws down a massive stake for women, who, despite, the world’s ancient book on -‘how to be a lady’ (YAWN, again) choose to come just as they are, a power statement in and of itself.

Maseko not only is making a kick ass statement (entering the world in the most honest and stripped down way) she’s also being true to her heritage – to live like a Ndebele with pride, but more importantly manifesting what feminism is all about: freedom, power and choice, while sweeping through Joburg with her head up high, in other words with no fucks to give.

Tsholofelo Maseko – you’re our heroine.

Shot by Ndumiso Sibanda
Shot by Ndumiso Sibanda

The film came out 25 May and stars Tsholofelo Maseko.

Ephasini Lamabhudango’ is a film By Ndumiso Sibanda /Executive Producers: Tsholofelo Maseko, Dumisani Mvumvu, Ndumiso Sibanda a Dream Out Loud Production. Music: ” To my own self” by Thandi Ntuli courtesy of Ndlela Music Recorded, mixed, mastered at Soul Fire Studio by Gavan Eckhart