The First African 360° Music Video

The future is already here. Our friends from the Stocktown Films crew, who are also the makers of Afripedia project as well as the directors of this video, Senay Berhe, Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft, continue to impress global audiences with their trailblazing videos. This time they’ve teamed up with record label Selam Sounds to produce the music video for the Ethiopian group Ethiocolor, using the latest 360° VR technology.

Courtesy of: Stocktown Films

Ethiocolor are fusing ethnic Ethiopian and contemporary influences and according to director Senay Berhe, their live performance is so dynamic that the natural way to capture it was by using a truly vibrant experience such as 360° virtual reality technology. Alongside releasing their debut album, Ethiocolor are also releasing a groundbreaking new app which will serve to enhance the viewing experience of video for the song Mali Malonayie. Watching the video in the Ethiocolor app allows for an authentic viewing experience; the app’s interactive feature allows one to tilt the screen in the desired direction and see more all around, including the panoramic scenery and the sight of the spotless bright sky overlooking the sunlit rooftop of the National Theater in central Addis Abeba! It’s as close it can be to actually being there.

Courtesy of: Stocktown Films
Courtesy of: Stocktown Films

“Our vision is to carry out our musical heritage in a very creative way without losing the sense of our identity”, says Melaku Belay, co-founder of Ethiocolor. It is wonderful that a music group whose appreciation for the past comes forward towards the future with this bald move.

Courtesy of: Stocktown Films
Courtesy of: Stocktown Films

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Find it on Google Play and soon in the Apple Store as well.


Music: Ethiocolor

For more about Ethiocolor project:

Record label: Selam Sounds

Production company: Stocktown Films

Video directed by: Teddy Goitom, Senay Berhe, Benjamin Taft 

App designers and developers: Earth People 

Technology sponsor: Mindlight

Music producer: Andreas Unge