Killing Time for Botkyrka’s Blood-brothers: MAR of Stockholmssyndromet drops Gangsta Video

Everyone should be psyched about one-half of Stockholmssyndromet’s MC MAR’s comeback. At least all suedis. In his latest two act video (above) for ‘2 Bröder/ Para i min plånbok’ (2 Brothers /Cash in My Wallet) – MAR dishes on brotherhood gone bad, para (cash) issues and more. 


To anyone based in Stockholm – and who’s into hip hop a la Botkyrka – the dirty-dörty south – housing the Latin-link of legendary rap stars such a The Latin Kings (basically Sweden’s pioneers of rap..) – would experience an aha-moment followed by a where-they-at-now-moment when mentioning Botkyrka’s rap-duo Stockholmssyndromet.

Since dropping their highly acclaimed video for ‘Lasta’ (i.e Load) by Ricard Estay (back in 2010) they kept at it. Bringing hip hop that was dope, or Schmutz-rap (dirty-rap, as we call it in Swedish) delivered by rappers with sharp lyrical southern-tongues, spitting rhymes effortlessly. Hell, Stockholmssyndromet introduced Sthlm to a style so hood that it had always been condemned to underground scenes.

Stockholmssyndromet – Lasta (2010) Directed by Ricard Estay

Where are they now, huh? Turns out, one-half of the duo – MAR (aka Starvin Mar/ aka Marshall Arts) is back and bringing it full-throttle this time with his soon to drop EP and fresh video to top it of. And we’re stoked. 

Sthlm-based director Ricard Estay is once again bringing the visuals for this gangsta venture – and its a slice of dirtyness, depicting two blood-brothers’ race against time to commit a crime forced on them by the big man. It’s killing time and the clock is ticking and 24 hours is all they got, or else….

Screenshot '2 Bröder/ Para i min plånbok' - Directed by: Ricard Estay
Screenshot ‘2 Bröder/ Para i min plånbok’ – Directed by: Ricard Estay

The monochromic video follows their quest to redeem their wrong doings: in the backseat of a van – where the brothers must come face-to-face with pressure, armed and about to hunt their victim down. Followed by shots before and after the killing. Onto nowhere, to the deserted outskirts of Sthlm where gunshots can’t be heard. The theme is dark and the message speaks of brotherhood gone bad, mischief and crime, all sought somewhere between a rock and a hard place.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

For more on MAR visit: Twitter: @marsyndromet Instagram: artbymarshall

Oh, and to all our no-speak-Swedish viewers out there: Check the video and start pumping some dirty Swedish rap already. You’ll dig it… promise.

Directed by: Ricard Estay// Script: Los Wutangos // Music: MAR, Gatto Matto, Tobias Blomster & OP // Mixing:: Rikard Skizz Bizzi // Starring: Leon Mendoza, Malang Camara, Daniel Carpio, Fidel & Mar